The Time Is Now

Over more than a decade, support has grown to protect Oregon's Owyhee Canyonlands. Its deep canyons, wild rivers, vast expanses and abundant wildlife make this place one-of-a-kind and worthy of permanent protection.

The time is now to step up for the Owyhee! Watch the quick video below for inspiration, and then take 5 minutes to call Senator Ron Wyden's Portland office. These calls demonstrate that Oregonians want to safeguard the most critical areas of the Owyhee from mining, irresponsible ATV use and other development.



How to make the call:

STEP 1) Make the Call! 503-326-7525

STEP 2) Share your opinion. Here’s an example.

I'm (state your full name) and I'm from (state your city) here in Oregon.

I'm calling today to urge you to protect one of Oregon's greatest treasures: the Owyhee Canyonlands.

Remoteness will no longer protect the Owyhee: Development pressure and impacts are coming.

We need to ensure the Owyhee's clean rivers, diverse wildlife and untrammeled beauty remain for generations to come.

Please have the foresight to preserve this natural treasure as it is for future generations to experience.

Thank you for leading the way in protecting the Owyhee Canyonlands.

STEP 3) Tell us how it went! Share the experience and help us track the effort on the Wild Owyhee website.