Photo by: Joan Williams Photo by Joan Williams

Lie on your back and take in the some of the darkest night skies left in the country. 

The Owyhee Canyonlands offer camping at its purest: A night out is more about hearing the coyotes yip than being elbow-to-elbow with the neighboring tent. Here is a sampling of the Owyhee’s best camping spots. They make great base camps for daytime adventures, from taking a hike to casting a line.

Top 4 Owyhee Campsites

Anderson Crossing

Experience the Owyhee Canyonlands’ most remote campsite, where exploration fills the day and stars blanket you at night. » learn more

Slocum Creek Campground in Leslie Gulch

Welcome to the ultimate Owyhee adventure base camp. From hiking to kayaking, this campground offers easy access to the region’s best. » learn more

Succor Creek Campground

Deep in a rocky canyon, shaded by cottonwoods with the creek burbling near by, the Succor Creek Campground offers a comfortable base for seeing the Owyhee Canyonlands. » learn more

Three Forks

Feel a world away at Three Forks, where three rivers meet, fish laze in shaded pools and hot springs beckon at the end of the day. » learn more