Facts about Protecting the Owyhee Canyonlands

A hiker marvels in one of the canyons of the Owyhee country. Photo: Sean Bagshaw

The 2.5-million-acre Owyhee Conservation Proposal seeks to protect the most scenic and ecologically significant areas of Oregon’s Owyhee via national… Read more »

Outside the guidebook and filled with surprises

The West Little Owyhee River curls through the Owyhee country, carving steep canyons. Photo: Borden Beck

Borden Beck is a longtime outings volunteer with the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club. Here, he shares a magical Owyhee… Read more »

Childlike wonder in the Owyhee

A hiker peers into a cavern within the Jordan Craters lava flow in the Owyhee Canyonlands. The Owyhee, Kyle Smith says, has enough diversity to fascinate for a lifetime. Photo by Kyle Smith.

Kyle Smith resides in Salem, Oregon, and works to preserve North America’s rivers for the enjoyment of future generations. Kyle… Read more »