Wyden looks to expand protections for Owyhee River and Canyonlands

Moreover, the proposed legislation, the Malheur Community Empowerment Act, also known as the Malheur CEO Act, would
safeguard the 15 miles of the Owyhee
against new damming and diversion of the river to preserve water quality, according to Hank Stern, Wyden’s spokesman.

Backers of reintroduced Owyhee wilderness bill seek November hearing

Ranchers, conservation groups, tribes, recreation and sporting interests and communities continue to participate in the process. They share a desire to preserve the Owyhee region’s long-term ecological health, said Ryan Houston, executive director of the Oregon Natural Desert Association, a member of the coalition.

The Bureau of Land Management should protect the Owyhee

Unfortunately, this beautiful region is vulnerable to various threats that could permanently mar the landscape. That is why I am calling on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to adopt new protections to preserve the best of our irreplaceable Owyhee Canyonlands.