Peak rafting season is in the spring and early summer months, when the water levels are highest. The most popular section is the Lower Owyhee, which runs 48 miles from the put in at Rome to Birch Creek Historic Ranch. It’s filled with class II, III and IV rapids including Montgomery and Whistling Bird.

Although the Owyhee holds plenty of big water opportunities, there are also plenty of calm stretches providing time for peace and solitude. Float slowly past the vast spires of Chalk Basin and Pruett’s Castle, dry lakebed sediment baked in layers like a prehistoric cake. Pure spring water flows right out of the side of the canyon at Weeping Wall.

For up to six days, you will dip into hot springs at Ryegrass or Greely Bar, admire raptors soaring overhead and hear the red-tail hawks cry. Other wildlife like beaver, otter, coyote, bighorn sheep and pronghorn antelope might make an appearance, so keep your binoculars and waterproof case handy!